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If you love your van then you will love the retreats.

I loved my first Camper Van retreat and think it is only fair to give you a few tips so that you can get involved too.

Here are 10 Reasons: Why you should sign up to Campervan Retreats

1 New experience: to look forward to, something new in your diary to think about. It gives your inner Camper Van Adventurer a chance to dip your toe into a new experience and feel the tingle of a brave new you.

2 Time away from everyday routine: gives you a chance to inject fresh energy into your life and immerse yourself in mother nature. We all love camping in a field and seeing the sunset across our popup campsite!

3 Meet new people: Give yourself a chance to meet a wide range of women from across the country and enjoy new company. Throughout the weekend, the group was easy company and you get involved as much as you want. Give women the right environment to immerse themselves in and they will thrive. Women are natural connectors and make easy companions for a few nights in a field.

4 Give yourself the time: to flourish and recharge your internal batteries. It’s a gift to have time to reflect, think and plan for the future.

5 Connect with Like Minded People: The event acts as a natural filter, it attracts like-minded women that have energy, passion and desire to sit in a field and talk about their vans! Most of our group had signed up on their own – Don’t worry about being on your own!

6 Build up your Resilience: This is a chance to visit somewhere new, chat to new people and try new activities. Count yourself in, don’t count yourself out before you have even started.

7 Revel: in the warm feeling of being bold and brave on the journey home. I remember driving home feeling really happy. Just having the space to be me was an unexpected bonus from the weekend.

8 It’s super safe: You are guided throughout the weekend and always have someone on hand to answer any questions.

9 The WEEK after: Enjoy the after-glow of recharging your batteries and having that precious time to yourself. Then bank the memories and of course book your next retreat!

10 Celebrate: that YOU are part of a growing community, YOU are part of the retreats and people want to meet you. Be ready with a smile and a cuppa and the rest is up to YOU.

After the retreat is over you can connect and get involved in the Campervan Retreat Group on Facebook and tell us what you and your van are up to?

See you at a retreat very soon.

Nicky Chisholm and Daisy the Campervan

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